Have you been searching for a way to store extra items at your home or business? Are you tired of driving back and forth to a self-storage facility? Viking Cargo Containers has the perfect solution: one or more metal cargo containers! We have 20- and 40-foot containers that make it easy and affordable to add permanent storage space.

Cargo containers are perfect for a wide number of other applications, including:

  • Emergency shelters
  • Container homes
  • Extra working space

The metal shipping containers that we sell have been thoroughly inspected for damage. Luckily, because these containers are made from CorTen corrugated steel, they are exceptionally strong as well as wind- and weather-resistant. The eight-foot width and nearly nine-foot height means that you have tons of usable space in a compact package. Due to the modular nature of these shipping containers, it is easy to stack them and place them next to each other to not waste any of your precious free space.

Contact Viking Cargo Containers in Oakland today to learn more about picking up the cargo containers you need. Be sure to ask us about delivery options! We have trucks that will make delivery fast and easy. If you are curious about pricing, please reach out for a free, no-obligation quote.